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Noise in Your Eye form a cross-platform group generating

diverse work in the field of Music,

Film Score & Contemporary Art.












New single releases from

NIYE Records ft. Nicki Wells & XIANE

Noise In Your Eye Daniel Pennie & Adrian Chivers

ft. Clive 'Flash' Gordon, Martin Badder, Ian Mathews, John Baggott, XIANE, Nick Mason, Sam Brown, Anders Olinder, Brandon Allen, Arnie Somogyi, Cathy Thompson, Caroline Dale.


Recorded at Realworld Studios

Engineered by Oli Jacobs, Katie May.













The eponymous debut album

out now on NIYE Records CD/DL














Noise in Your Eye won Best International Composer Award at Cannes 7th Art Awards (2022) for their Censure Soundtrack. This, in addition to their previous awards, amounts to a total of 12 Wins for the Duo's film scores, as listed on their IMDb page... 

AD & Dan would like to send out a huge thank you to our collaborators, Cathy Thompson, Caroline Dale, Ian Matthews, and Nick Mason who are a big part of the Censure & Confines soundtracks and also a huge thanks to Director Richard Bazley.

Noise in Your Eye by Noise in Your Eye.jpg

Dan & AD at Cannes with Director Richard Bazley

Blackniye REC.jpg


What the music-press are saying...


“This is ace fever-dream, atmos-improv music from Adrian Chivers & Daniel Pennie. You should have this in your life...” (Sid Smith 2020)

"There is not a duff track on this album. There is not a moment or a sound wasted. There is not an effect or interjection that isn’t perfect. This is one hell of a debut release." (Duncan Heining, London Jazz News 2020)

“…this is a dazzling, inspired album that reveals its subtle details over repeated plays."

(Mike Barnes, Prog June 2020 Issue)

“It's just brilliant. The sound, the writing, the playing, the mixing are all sublime. Bravo to all involved. I'll be very surprised if I hear anything better this year.”(Paul Schütze 2020)

"Chivers and Pennie have made an album where every sound seems just right." (Duncan Heining, London Jazz News 2020)

“Incredibly exciting and, in places, profoundly moving, this is a contender for album of the year.” (Sid Smith 2020)


 “…there’s something about its shape and feel, with themes and motifs that accrete then dissolve almost organically, that recalls electric Miles Davis.” (Mike Barnes, Prog June 2020 Issue)

"The key to Chivers and Pennie’s approach lies in a love of film. This is music for the un-made films that run through the minds of its creators." (Duncan Heining, London Jazz News 2020)



"…every track offers a singular sound-world that variously touches upon a hushed minimalism, deep rock grooves, cinematic vistas and jazzy abstraction.” (Sid Smith 2020)

"The duo of Daniel Pennie and Adrian Chivers have assembled a very impressive ensemble for their self-titled debut... Noise In Your Eye is rich in cinematic ambience... it’s a choice record for the prog-jazz enthusiast and a worthy finale for Keith Tippett." (Gareth Thomas, Jazz Journal Aug 2020 issue)


“…artfully combines elements of contemporary jazz, film-score, electronica and ambient, and features significant contributions from Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Michael Giles, Keith Tippett, Caroline Dale, Ian Matthews and others.” (Burning Shed press release 2020)

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