Noise in Your Eye was originally formed in Box, Wiltshire in 2007 by long-term collaborators musician/producer Adrian Chivers & musician/artist Daniel Pennie. A duo of experimentally focused musicians, who bring together elements of jazz, modern composition, film-score, electronica, ambient and free improvisation.

​The duo's deep-set ability to craft music intuitively and impulsively, stems from a desire to avoid typical processes or generic structures. Since its conception, the band's original source material has been primarily culled from live improvisations. What follows is a gradual process of emphasising the melodic lines which have occurred during the performances. This approach gives the music a unique sound; it’s formed spontaneously in the room, then refined to create a definitive composition.

A decade of such sonic adventures has resulted in ten eclectic compositions that make up NIYE’s compelling debut. It is made even more momentous by a line-up of distinguished guests whose diverse range of performances bring depth and colour to the imaginary soundtracks. To listen to this visual-music is to drop immediately into a shimmering and highly cinematic universe… the result is as much potent as it is sublime.


The NIYE Ensemble & Associated Acts:


Adrian Chivers - Programming, Percussion, Vibes, Sax, Found Sounds, Electronics.

Daniel Pennie - Guitars, Bowed & Ebow Guitar, Loops & Treatments, Bass.

Nick Mason – Drums (Pink Floyd, Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets)

Keith Tippett – Piano (Centipede, Mujician, King Crimson)

Michael Giles – Drums (King Crimson, Giles Giles & Fripp)

Ian Matthews – Drums (Kasabian)

Caroline Dale – Cello (Principal ECO, Peter Gabriel, Plant & Page)

John Baggott - Piano, Keyboards (Robert Plant, Portishead, Massive Attack)

James Gardener-Bateman – Saxes (Paloma Faith, Joss Stone)

Brandon Allen – Saxes (Soweto Kinch, Guy Barker, Eric Clapton)

Tiit Kikas – Violins (Terminaator)

Arnie Somogyi – Double Bass (Amy Winehouse, Charlie Watts)

Flash George P Gordon –Electric Bass (Lee Scratch Perry, Rhythmites)

Simon Little - Electric Bass (Divine Comedy, Nick Cave)

Dan Reid  - Trumpet (Chris Botti)

Tanya Wells – Vocals (Seven Eyes, Anoushka Shankar)

Nicki Wells – Vocals (Nitin Sawhney, Anoushka Shankar)

Martin Badder - Keyboards (UK DJ Producer)



The Dark Spot; Limbo Lines; Sinking Turtle House; Scent; Pink Neon; Limits of Control; Zombie Johnson; NTT; 44 Steps; Touch the Water (57.59)

Daniel Pennie (g); Adrian Chivers (elec); Keith Tippett (p); Michael Giles (d); Nick Mason (d); Ian Matthews (d); Caroline Dale (clo); James Gardener-Bateman (as); Tiit Kikas (vn); Arnie Somogyi (b); Flash George P Gordon, Simon Little (elb); Dan Reid (t); Tanya Wells (v). NoiseInYourEyeRecords NIYE001

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