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Noise In Your Eye

Contemporary Music

for the Moving-Image.

NIYE have established

themselves as trusted composers and

sound designers, working and

collaborating with a wide array of

artists & experimental film makers,

composing for feature films, games, art

installations and conventional opening




Noise in Your Eye was originally formed in Box, Wiltshire in 2007 by long-term collaborators musician/producer Adrian Chivers & musician/artist Daniel Pennie. A duo of experimentally focused musicians, who bring together elements of jazz, modern composition, film-score, electronica, ambient and free improvisation.

​The duo's deep-set ability to craft music intuitively and impulsively, stems from a desire to avoid typical processes or generic structures. Since its conception, the band's original source material has been primarily culled from live improvisations. What follows is a gradual process of emphasising the melodic lines which have occurred during the performances. This approach gives the music a unique sound; it’s formed spontaneously in the room, then refined to create a definitive composition.

A decade of such sonic adventures has resulted in ten eclectic compositions that make up NIYE’s compelling debut. It is made even more momentous by a line-up of distinguished guests whose diverse range of performances bring depth and colour to the imaginary soundtracks. To listen to this visual-music is to drop immediately into a shimmering and highly cinematic universe… the result is as much potent as it is sublime.


The NIYE Ensemble & Associated Acts:


Adrian Chivers - Vibes, Sax, Found Sounds, Percussion, Electronics.

Daniel Pennie - Guitars, Bowed & Ebow Guitar, Loops & Treatments, Bass.

Nick Mason – Drums (Pink Floyd, Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets)

Keith Tippett – Piano (Centipede, Mujician, King Crimson)

Michael Giles – Drums (King Crimson, Giles Giles & Fripp)

Ian Matthews – Drums (Kasabian)

Cathy Thompson - Violin (Michael Nyman, Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave)

Caroline Dale – Cello (Principal ECO, Peter Gabriel, Plant & Page)

XIANE - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards (Solo Artist)

John Baggott - Piano, Keyboards (Robert Plant, Portishead, Massive Attack)

James Gardener-Bateman – Saxes (Paloma Faith, Joss Stone)

Brandon Allen – Saxes (Soweto Kinch, Guy Barker, Eric Clapton)

Tiit Kikas – Violins (Terminaator)

Arnie Somogyi – Double Bass (Amy Winehouse, Charlie Watts)

Flash George P Gordon –Electric Bass (Lee Scratch Perry, Rhythmites)

Simon Little - Electric Bass (Divine Comedy, Nick Cave)

Dan Reid  - Trumpet (Chris Botti)

Tanya Wells – Vocals (Seven Eyes, Anoushka Shankar)

Nicki Wells – Vocals (Nitin Sawhney, Anoushka Shankar)

Martin Badder - Keyboards (UK DJ Producer)

Excerpt from Psychedelic Baby Magazine interview:

"The NIYE approach lies in our love of film and the concept of an Imaginary Soundtrack. A potential soundtrack that is steeped in the themes and narratives of late Twentieth Century Cinema. We grew up on that stuff, it helped shape who we are and we desperately miss that spirit of independent film-making in today’s cinema.


We would like to pay our own musical-homage to the directors who made intoxicating and daring films – we make reference to David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Pedro Almódovar, Stanly Kubrick and Nicolas Roeg to name a few".

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